Sunday, 11 December 2011


This is my first post using english language,i am not really good in english so sorry if have any mistake.Enjoy!

For some reason my soul was restless,
 I think there is no point living
 Emptiness surrounds me.
 Even my life happy always ..
 Life's journey passed quickly ..
 Leaving my own.
 No sense of peace for me ..
 Feeling guilty, but who knows for whom.
 When i am alone ..
 Feeling the mounting ..
 Everything was quiet, private
 My soul, my life ..
 A life full of stains ..
 Took me step by step
 To the hell ..
 My daily routine is full of sin ..
 I forgot ..
 Forget the Creator.
 That gave me the opportunity
 For a taste of life ..
 Undertaking an agreed time before I were born
 I forgot ..
 Drift, I kept drifting in the earthly paradise.
 I find the light has ..
 But I still want the dark
 So I died in disbelief ...

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